Call for feedback: upcoming “Introduction to Property Testing”

Forwarding an announcement by Oded Goldreich:

I would like to seek the help of this community regarding my forthcoming book Introduction to Property Testing (see Specifically, I would be grateful for feedback regarding any aspect and part of the current text, although detailed comments are likely to be more helpful at this time than suggestions for drastic and/or structural changes. Please do not shy from indicating relevant works that may be mentioned (rather than described in detail), since it is quite possible that I was not aware of them or forgot to mention them (rather than chose not to include a detailed description due to various considerations).

Since I am likely to continue revising the text and posting the revisions on the website, please indicate the text-locations to which you refer in a manner that is most robust to revision (e.g., indicate relative location with respect to sectioning and/or theorem-environment numbers rather than with respect to page numbers).

4 thoughts on “Call for feedback: upcoming “Introduction to Property Testing”

  1. Gautam "G" Kamath

    I’ve spotted a few typos (see “is which” in the first paragraph of 1.1.2, and “falvor” in the Teaching Note preceding discussion of Chapter 12 in the Organization section). There are also typos which are hard to spot unless one searches explicitly for them, like ” the the”, ” a a “, ” in in”, ” of of”, etc.

    I’ll later post some comments/feedback on the sections I feel qualified to (likely to be primarily Chapter 11).

    1. oded goldreich

      Thanks G.
      It does not make sense to post all correction — just send me mail about them.
      Thanks, Oded

    2. oded goldreich

      P.S.: I would not worry of various typos that are easily detectable by a professional copyeditor, since the book will undergo such a copyediting. I am more far more concerned of technical typos, errors, omissions, let alone significant flaws or gaps in arguments etc., since these can only be detected by people who actually understand the contents.

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