Looking back at WOLA’21: Videos available

The fifth Workshop on Local Algorithms (WOLA’21) took place earlier this month, and the recordings of the invited talks are now available on YouTube. If you missed the workshop, or want to refresh your memory, here are the recordings (ordered by the workshop schedule):

Thanks again to the speakers and organizers, and looking forward to WOLA’22!

2 thoughts on “Looking back at WOLA’21: Videos available

  1. Coral

    Thank you for posting this! I note that the videos are set to “make for kids” mode. If possible, could this setting be disabled?

    Being set as made for kids adversely impacts the ways in which researchers can use the material. Specifically, you cannot add the recordings to playlists (For example, a playlist to watch later or to categorize talks for personal reference). Additionally, the miniplayer and PIP mode are disabled making it impossible to take notes alongside the recordings on mobile.

    Google’s advice wrt kids mode (https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/9528076#zippy=%2Chow-do-i-know-if-i-should-set-my-content-as-not-made-for-kids) says that “General audience content is content that could appeal to everyone, but isn’t intended specifically for children, or content that is intended for a teen or older audience. General audience content should be set as ‘Not Made for Kids’.” I believe that applies here.

    Thanks for posting the recordings!

    1. Clément Canonne

      Thanks for pointing that out! I’ve forwarded your comment to the organizers of this edition of the workshop, to see if they can change that setting.


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